Traditional Women Only Spa


You are invited to enjoy our peaceful, and authentic traditional Women only spa in Cambodia where you can relax and rejuvenate in our Khmer kindness. 

Our spa is by RESERVATION ONLY. Please plan in advance as we limit the number of guests in order to preserve an intimate environment

Your $35 all inclusive rate is for lunch, guided Khmer steam experience, beneficial teas, nurturing touch, energy healing, and many details that will surprise. Your transport to and from Kampot to the spa is also included.

Our Spa runs daily from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

We encourage you to stay onsite in our Homestay bungalows to get the most from your experience and to experience our heart felt Khmer hospitality.


Through the use of aromatic roots, fire, water, and steam women are nurtured towards a deeper connection with self, sisters, and mother earth. Your unforgettable experience will start with a body treatment pounded from aromatic roots, leaves, and fruits.

Since Angkorian times Khmer women have used preparations called Krueng for glowing skin and holistic health care. Traditionally this women’s medicine was used extensively throughout puberty, after childbirth, for menstrual discomfort, recovery from illness, or simply to beautify before special events. 



Our stone steam room is fed with steam infused with botanicals and generated over a charcoal fire. This herbal steam facilitates absorption of the Krueng’s benefits through the skin and respiratory system. A sarong is traditionally worn in the steam room to preserve modesty and to hold the Krueng against the skin. 

Together with Krueng, our herbal steam can detoxify the body, support respiratory health, soothe aches and pains, beautify the skin, and ease menstrual cycle symptoms.

You will leave the steam feeling surprisingly cool, utterly relaxed and refreshed. 



Our mineral spring fed stone pool awaits you in the shade of cooling coconut palms. Here you can blissfully bathe, relax, sip tea, connect with sisters, cool down, and integrate your steam experience. 


We are practicing traditional healers. If you have an upset stomach, sadness, fever,  wounds, stings, sprains, or muscle aches, or any other complaints then please let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you.  

Banteay Srey Spa and Homestay is a wonderful place to recover and regain your strength after an illness. If life’s circumstances have broken you down then we are here to support you in your return to wholeness. 




Book you Unforgettable Day

 You can book directly on:

Local phone:  0888 044 892  –   International phone: +855 888 044 892

Today’s special all inclusive rate is $35

Pick up is at Deva Cafe at 11am and return is before 5.