Homestay for Women



Our very special Homestay for Women in Cambodia was created specially for you to get the most of your spa experience. We encourage you to stay awhile, unwind, and rest here in the quiet peaceful countryside. If you would like to join the spa everyday we will tailor make your experience and give you a broader sample of what we have to offer.

Staying a few days will also give you an opportunity to spend more time getting to know us. When we’re not busy in the spa we love to invite guests for a bicycle tour, some fishing, foraging, or to visit our families or a local farm. 

Please let us know where you are travelling from and what time you will be arriving,  We will do what we can to facilitate your easy arrival.


We love our guests and are inclined to fuss over you and make sure you’re well cared for and having a wonderful time. We’re here for you but if you need solitude our bungalows are perfect for self reflection.

Dinners and Breakfasts are included with your stay we’re excited to share our favorite countryside dishes with you. 



Our main house is yours to relax in. We have a morning balcony and an evening balcony for watching sunsets, a daybed, and a basket of carefully selected books for you to read during your stay. 

Our traditional Khmer kitchen under the house is surprisingly cool. If you’re staying awhile you’re welcome to join us in the kitchen to pound some fresh curry paste in a stone mortar and pestle or learn to cook on a traditional charcoal burner.




If you’ll be staying for awhile there’s a Kampot Pepper Farm just across the street from us and we’d be happy to arrange a visit for you. If you like to jog  then there are small countryside roads that go on forever. We have bicycles for you to explore the area and get a close up view of Cambodia’s agrarian culture. If  we’ve got some free time we’ll take you exploring and maybe find a spot to watch the sunset over emerald rice fields. On windy evenings we could even take our  huge handcrafted singing kite out to fly. 





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