> Yoga classes are held every day except Tuesdays
> 9:00am class: (everyone welcome)
> 4:30pm class: (women only)
> Classes are $5 and every cent goes to support the the Banteay Srey Project

Our yoga studio is unique: with a traditional thatched roof to keep away the torrential rainy season storms, it is also open on three sides so students really get the feeling of practicing out in nature. You can admire the river and beautiful, tropical gardens from your yoga mat, and occasionally one of our lazy cats may try and share a mat with you!

Yoga is an important part of Banteay Srey. As part of a spa that supports women’s wellness, yoga supports physical and mental health.

Yoga teachers at the studio are all volunteers, and so the money raised by the public classes helps support the Project. Yoga is also offered daily to Banteay Srey trainees to help them build strength and presence for spa and massage work. Yoga also provides them with tools to manage emotions and stress to help them lead healthier and happier lives.

Our yoga teachers travel from all around the world in order to volunteer with us at the Project. They are all highly-qualified and will offer you the chance to experience various yoga disciplines.

We often have more than one teacher at a time, allowing us to often offer classes led by different teachers in the morning and evening.




We host highly-qualified yoga teachers from around the world! They come to Kampot to teach the public classes, but they also lead the trainees’ yoga class every morning, and contribute to the community in lots of other ways. Bringing with them many skills from their employment and educational backgrounds yoga teachers at Banteay Srey offer classes in their own specialties: English, massage, marketing, photography, cooking, esthetics, Anatomy, computing, … The list is endless.

Our teachers are here for a minimum of one month, but usually longer. We always host more than one teacher at a time, so you will get to know different faces if you come to our classes regularly.


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