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New Menu Boosts the Spa & Staff

New spa menu

The new spa menu offers a broader range of spa treatments, food & drink choices and great spa packages.

We’re pleased to announce a new spa menu has been produced, offering more spa services, delicious food choices and delectable smoothies/juices. We’ve adapted and added extra spa packages to help  customers to decide which treatments work well together while saving them money!  The new menu can be found on the website:

Not only does this new menu mean a greater selection for our customers, it is also helping to boost the Khmer staff’s repertoire. Our trainees are going from strength to strength, learning new spa treatments, recipes etc. It’s further empowering them to seek the best for themselves; building on their skills, confidence, broadening their English and in turn makes them more employable if they wish to use their skills elsewhere.

Team Building with Staff & Volunteers


We spent an amazing morning yesterday paddle-boarding on the Kampot River. Two of our staff could not swim and made all sorts of excuses to try to get out of this trip. They were surrounded by support from the rest of the team and not only managed to get on the board, stand up, and paddle but even lowered themselves into the deep water and swam with a floater vest by the end of the trip! There were huge smiles all the way home! Our team consensus as to what we had learned from the trip was that supporting and trusting each other makes for a great working experience.  Gigantic thank-you to Anne at Supasia for her generous support of our fear conquering and for a really fun morning!!

NEW Video Training Curriculum

Our newest trainees already offering facials in their first month of training!

Our newest trainees already offering facials in their first month of training!

We’ve introduced a new exciting library of video training in the past month. The training covers lessons in everything from laundry, cleaning, hygiene, manicures, to massage. Each spa treatment video training module is complete with English training specific to that spa skill as well as customer service scripts. The training is organized to enable the trainee to work with customers as soon as she is ready with the first module. We have chosen to use video training as we recognize that we will be continually training new girls at Banteay Srey. The videos allow a girl to join the spa at any time and start training immediately. There is no longer a need for a full class to start training. Our new training format also allows a trainee to learn at her own pace. The videos can be used by a returning trainee to review her training. Videos training is allowing us to make the best possible use of our teaching volunteers providing them an opportunity to leave a legacy of training behind for future trainees. The video training format has so far proved highly effective for us. Most of our girls are illiterate and visual learning without any need to keep notes works well for them. The girls are excited to be working with computers and take the training in videos very seriously. . We will continue to expand and refine our video training library and may commission a KSL translator to deaf caption our videos for our deaf trainees.


One of our long term volunteers will be leaving early as her family back in the USA are in difficult times. We need someone urgently to fill her role here! She has been teaching, Life Skills, English, and Computer but we are open to whatever you have to teach! If you would like to join us or know anyone who might then please check out the volunteer page and contact us!

November 2012: We now have three trainees at the centre attending classes in; yoga, massage and spa skills training, Khmer literacy, English, life skills, computer training, gardening and boundary work. It’s been really interesting so far figuring out how to cater to the trainees individual needs, particularly as one of the women is blind, but so far they seem to be really enjoying the program!

October 2012: The fund raiser at Tita’s Mexican Resturant in Courtenay, BC, Canada was a success and raised $2690 for the Banteay Srey Project! Thank you so much to everyone who supporte the fundraiser, especially the volunteers who worked so hard to make this a possibility.

September 2012: Freya is in Courtenay, BC, Canada planning a Banteay Srey Project fundraiser at Tita’s Mexican Restaurant. If you are in the area and would like to help out please contact us or call Freya at 250-650-7206.

August 2012: Our new outreach sticker for our real target group. Street based and brothel workers who we can’t reach through the beauty salons as they don’t have the freedom or cash to be there. I’m hoping the flashy sticker will be an eye catcher in a dingy neighbourhood.

July 2012: Meet the newest addition to the Banteay Srey family! We transported her home zipped up in our volunteer’s bag. Tara (named after the Hindu goddess of peace and protection) is to be our new guard dog.

June 2012: Sokna, our new House and Spa manager started this month! Sokna is trained in Swedish Massage, nail technician and has an excellent eye for spa details. The next few month she’ll undergo intense training in English, computer, managerial and administration skills. Welcome aboard Sokna!

May, 2012: The Women’s Spa marketing folders and business cards have been received and volunteer Sally Armstrong is is formatting the “menu” of spa services so the content can be printed in-house on the project’s PC. The folders and business cards, which include a map showing the spa location, will be distributed in plastic counter racks throughout Kampot at guest houses and similar locations.

April, 2012: Spa reception area is almost completed with arrival of manicure and pedicure chairs.