Volunteers are crucial to the our Project and we strive to provide a very rewarding experience where your own unique skills will be used to the utmost. Though we do our best to support our volunteers, please understand that we offer a volunteering opportunity rather than a work exchange position.

Please ensure that volunteering in Cambodia at the Banteay Srey Project is right for you by reading this guide, the rest of the website and our Facebook page, ‘Banteay Srey Project’, before contacting us about volunteering. Volunteers are crucial to the project functioning and are heavily relied upon. We only host two to three volunteers at a time, and therefore we need individuals with a high level of commitment.

When evaluating what expertise you have to offer to the Banteay Srey Project, please keep in mind that the girls and women have come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds and most of them will have at most a very low English proficiency.  Activities such as counseling, even with a translator, will not be possible.  The centre and spa are a women-only facility, and all staff and volunteers are female.

Volunteer Opportunities

Certified Yoga Teachers are needed for Banteay Project and Women’s Spa. Yoga Teachers will also be given the opportunity to support the project with any other skills they bring with them. We are happy to host first time yoga teachers. Preference is given to teachers who possess other needed skills. We generally look for a minimum commitment of two months from all Yoga Teachers and expect a contribution of 6 hours per day, 5 days per week of work.

Banteay Srey Project and Women’s Spa

We host two yoga teachers at a time in order to keep our yoga classes continuously available. The yoga class schedule will be shared between the two teachers.

Our volunteer yoga teachers teach two 75 minute classes per day at the spa as well as run a 45 minute daily morning class for Banteay Srey Project staff and trainees.

Our public classes raise the profile of the spa in the community and attract many spa clients as well as generate much needed income for The Project. Our morning class is an active energetic class. This class is held before the spa opens and is open to male participants. Our evening class is a very relaxing class suitable for a guest to participate in after a massage or a long spa day.  Yoga Teachers have the freedom to create their own program for all classes.

The 45 minute trainee classes support our students and staff with breathing and grounding techniques to help them be fully present for spa guests while taking care of their own bodies. These daily classes also help our trainees to cope with the effects of trauma in their daily lives and to support their ongoing personal growth.

Other Needed Skills which we look for in our Yoga Teacher applicants are as follows; ESL Teaching, Marketing, Photography, Video Editing, Accounting, Anatomy, and First Aid

Massage Therapists are needed to help us add to our massage video training library as well as supporting trainees with hands on training in massage and anatomy. We look for a minimum commitment of 2 weeks from Massage Therapists.

Aestheticians & Spa Practitioners are needed to help us add to our spa skills video training library as well as teaching new spa skills to Khmer staff or supporting trainees with hands on training in techniques and customer service. We look for a minimum commitment of 2 weeks from Aestheticians & Spa Practitioners

Meals and Accommodation

All meals at the project in Kampot are provided.  Khmer meals from our staff kitchen are available. We also offer a wide selection of meals free of charge from the menu at our onsite vegen cafe.

To help you fully enjoy your time at Banteay Srey, we will lovingly offer you a gift of 1 spa service per week!

We are no longer able to offer onsite accommodations. There are many affordable options in town and a list of recommendations will be made available to you well before your arrival. Monthly rentals at our selected guesthouses range from $100- $450/month.

Other Volunteering Information

High speed wireless Internet is available at our cafe.  However, although the electricity and Internet services are far above average for Cambodia, they are not always reliable. Drops in the Internet are common, as are power cuts which can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Cambodia is a tropical country and apart from the stray cats who have settled in, you will also most likely encounter lizards, geckos, frogs, the odd snake, all manner of insects, including spiders, ants and, of course, mosquitoes.

Volunteers will receive two consecutive days off per week. Expenses on days off are not covered, and we estimate that you will require at least $50 dollars per week for your off-site activities.

Requirements for Volunteers

Volunteers are required to have travel insurance which covers medical expenses and emergency evacuation during their stay at the Banteay Srey Project in Cambodia.

To volunteer and work at the Banteay Srey Project you need to be independent, self motivated and open to learning.  An ability to accept that one’s preconceptions and beliefs can be wrong is extremely important, as are empathy, compassion and a non-judgmental nature.

Working in Cambodia is often frustrating and challenging.  Our girls and women came from very difficult circumstances. We can only promise that you’ll be challenged everyday, have an opportunity to grow, and know you’ve made a life-changing contribution during your time at the Banteay Srey Project.

If you are interested and feel you have relevant skills you wish to share, please contact us about making this commitment.