All women are invited to relax and pamper themselves in a peaceful, restorative environment: the Banteay Srey Women’s Spa. The spa offers skilled massage, traditional Khmer herbal treatments and a wide variety of other spa services.

Guests are invited to spend the day with us: indulging themselves with our spa services, connecting with other women, swimming and sunbathing on our private river deck. An on-site yoga studio offers classes on a large river view balcony. Guests can also enjoy delectable fresh fruit juices, teas and vegan Khmer cuisine from the Deva cafe menu.

Our guests can spoil themselves knowing that all spa proceeds are used for the empowerment of young Cambodian women coming from difficult circumstances.



Self Love                            $24    3.5 hrs
> Yoga Class 9:30
> 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage
> Dry Brushing
> Fresh Juice or Smoothie

Empress Today                $60    5.5 hrs
> 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage
> Traditional Scrub & Steam
> Hair Mask or Braiding
> Express Manicure
> Express Pedicure
> Organic Facial
> Lunch and Drink of Choice

Temple Apsara                $43    3.5  hrs
> Any Bodyscrub
> 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage
> Organic Facial
> Fresh Fruit Juice

No Substitutions or changes to Packages


At Banteay Srey, visiting foreign teachers offer continuous ongoing training in various massage modalities  . We incorporate all this knowledge into a framework of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage to bring you into a profoundly healing state of bliss.

Lomilomi Massage works with the lymphatic and circulatory systems, with muscles as well as with energy meridians. You may feel diliciously dizzy after your massage. It’s a good idea to find a place to relax for 30 min afterward in order to let your whole system reset into the healthy state induced in your session.

 Full Body Relaxation Massage
Enjoy a deeply relaxing oil massage designed to improve range of movement, circulation, & lymphatic function, relieve minor muscle pain, and promote an overall sense of well-being

1 hr  $15                             1 ½ hrs $19
start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

Back Massage
A relaxing oil massage focused on everyone’s classic tension spots; your back, neck, and shoulders

30 min $8                        1 hr $14
*add aromatherapy for $1

 Ultimate Four Hands Massage!

Treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience! Our masseuses are specially trained in a tandem dance of synchronized massage movements that are guaranteed to leave you in complete bliss
1 hour $23                          1 ½  hours $29
start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3
*add aromatherapy for $2

Khmer Aromatherapy Massage
We use a healing blend of scented local herbs and roots in our oil to detoxify the body, soothe the skin, relieve inflammation and aching muscles, and luxuriously relax the senses

1 hr  $17                             1 ½ hrs $21
start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

 Aloe Vera Massage
We process our own homegrown Aloe Vera with just a few drops of coconut oil to soothe and heal your skin while you enjoy all the full benefits of a massage

1 hr  $18                            1 ½ hrs $23

 Hot Stone Massage
Special strokes are incorporated utilizing hot stones throughout this massage for extra release of tension and an increased experience of deep relaxation

1 hr  $19                            1 ½ hrs $23
start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

 Khmer Herbal Compress Massage
A magical blend of Cambodian roots and herbs are pounded together and wrapped into hot compress balls to add extra healing benefits to our massage. Herbal Compress is especially recommended if you have muscle aches or are feeling unwell

1 hr  $20                           1 ½ hrs $24
start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

Thai Massage
An ancient healing system combining acupressure and assisted yoga postures Thai massage is both envigorating and relaxing. This is a fully clothed no oil massage

1 hr  $15        1 ½ hrs $19       2 hrs $23

Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system  for healthy immune function and body detoxification.  Invigorating directional strokes with a natural bristle sterile brush also slim & tone your body  & reduce cellulite.

Foot Massage                ½ hr  $6
Our foot massage will soothe tired aching feet, improve circulation and energize your whole body!

Hand Massage              ½ hr $6
Hands and wrists carry much stress and tension. Hand massage is deeply nurturing and relaxing to  the whole body

Face Massage                ½ hr $6
Relieve tension, improve skin tone and add a healthy glow to your face with this blissful massage

Face, Hands, & Feet   1hr $ 11
Enjoy a whole hour of luxurious massage fully clothed in one of our reclining chairs

*We use only organic Cambodian coconut oil  for its deeply hydrating, healing, and anti aging properties


Healing your body, emotions, mind and spirit Reiki is given with hands laid gently on your body directing universal life force energy to wherever it is needed. Reiki’s many beneficial effects include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing

Reiki 30 min $8                   1 hour $15

Full Massage with Reiki
Enjoy a one hour deeply relaxing oil massage followed by 30 min of healing Reiki. This experience allows you to float in a relaxing space of gratitude and gives you time to integrate your massage experience                 
1 ½ hrs $19

Add Khmer Aromatherapyl Oil for $1
Start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

Back Massage with Reiki
A relaxing 30 min oil massage focused on your back, neck, and shoulders followed by 30 min of healing Reiki
                                                             1 hr $14
Add Khmer Aromatherapy Oil for $1

Reiki with Massage
Settle into a relaxed healing state with 30 min of Reiki and then sink even deeper into with a  30 min oil massage focused on your back, neck, and shoulders
                                                              1 hr $14
Add Khmer Aromatherapy Oil for $1


Experience an exquisite 1 hour Body Scrub. It’s like a massage, exfoliation, & body mask in one!

*add our Banana Hair Conditioning Mask for only                      $3

Our scrubs are prepared with the best natural local ingredients to purify and refresh, removing dull, dry skin so new hydrated skin can shine through.

Papaya & Honey    $15
papaya, honey, jasmine rice – deep cleanse, nourish, and renew

Kaffir Lime & Yoghurt    $15
kaffir lime, homemade yoghurt, jasmine rice – gently soften and clarify 

Black Sesame & Coconut    $15
black sesame, jasmine rice, coconut milk – deeply nourish, soften, and moisturize

Coffee    $15
Ratanakiri coffee, palm sugar and milk – reduce inflammation & cellulite

Kampot Pepper    $15
Kampot pepper, jasmine rice – increase circulation, detoxify & recharge

Traditional Khme   $15
Khmer medicinal white turmeric, tamarind, milk, Kampot sea salt – reduce inflammation, heal, & nourish the feminine organs

Traditional Khmer Body Scrub & Steam                 1 hr $18
gentle turmeric and tamarind body scrub followed by a nine-herb full body steam     

We can’t say enough about this Khmer steam! The herbal steam detoxifies & strengthens the body, turmeric eases aches & pains and gives glowing skin, tamarind removes dead cells & clarifies skin tone. Khmer White Turmeric reduces inflammation, heals, and nourishes the feminine organs

*add a Banana Hair Conditioning Mask    $3

Express Manicure                 $6
includes nail shaping, cuticle work, high quality polish, and mini hand massage   

Luxury Manicure                   $10
includes nail shaping, cuticle work, high quality polish, and 30 minute deep moisturizing hand massage

Express Pedicure                   $7
includes foot scrub, nail shaping, cuticle work, high quality polish, and mini foot massage

Luxury Pedicure                    $12
includes foot scrub, callus work, nail shaping, cuticle work, high quality polish, and 30 minute deep moisturizing foot massage

Ultimate Organic Facial      $12
Natural local ingredients loaded with vitamins, minerals, natural moisturizers, fruit acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Our hour long facial will leave you  super relaxed and with a brand-new baby soft face.

> Cleanse with yoghurt & kaffir lime
> Steam with fresh mint
> Exfoliate with black sesame & coconut
    & palm sugar coconut lip scrub
> Massage with homemade coconut oil
> Mask with honey & papaya
> Tone with green tea & fresh cucumber
> Moisturize with aloe vera

* add a deeply relaxing hot stone facial massage for only $2


We import the highest quality lash and brow tints from France in a range of colours to suit your hair colour and complexion.

 Eye Lash Tint                                $10
 Eyebrow Tint                                 $7
 Eyebrow Shaping                         $5



Escape the heat of downtown Kampot. Bring your bikini and cool off with a dive into the river from our comfortable lounging deck.

The river is wide and deep with a gentle current. You will find tubes to float on and towels to dry off with afterward.

A yoga class, a swim, a big glass of fresh juice and a spa treatment!

What better way to start a day on the famous Kampot riverside?!

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