We offer continuous training in Anatomy and massage modalities to our traineers at Banteay Srey. We incorporate all our skills and knowledge into a framework of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage to bring you into a profoundly healing state of bliss. Lomilomi works with the muscular, lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as with energy meridians. You may feel deliciously dizzy after your massage.

Full Body Relaxation Massage
1 hr  $15 * 1 ½ hrs $19

Enjoy a deeply relaxing oil massage designed to improve range of movement, circulation, & lymphatic function, relieve minor muscle pain, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

*start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3

Hot Stone Massage
1 hr  $19  *  1 ½ hrs $23

We incorporate special massage strokes while utilizing heated stones along energy meridians for extra release of tension and an experience of deep relaxation. We know Cambodia is hot but the stones will not leave you overheated.

*start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3
*add aromatherapy for $2

Ultimate Four Hands Massage! 1 hour $23

* 1 ½  hours $31

Treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience! Our masseuses are specially trained in a tandem dance of synchronized massage movements that are guaranteed to leave you in complete bliss.

*start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3
*add aromatherapy for $2

Back Massage
30 min $8 *  1 hr $14

A relaxing oil massage focused on everyone’s classic tension spots; your back, neck, and shoulders.

*start with 15 min of Dry Brushing  $3
*add aromatherapy for $2

Hand Massage ½ hr $6

Hands and wrists carry much stress and tension. Hand massage is deeply nurturing and relaxing to the whole body.

Face Massage   ½ hr $6

Relieve tension, improve skin tone and add a healthy glow to your face with this blissful massage

Face, Head, Hands, & Feet
1hr $ 11

Enjoy a whole hour of luxurious massage fully clothed in one of our reclining chairs.

Foot Massage   ½ hr  $6

Our foot massage will soothe tired aching feet, improve circulation and energize your whole body!

Dry Brushing can be added to some of our massage treatments. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system  for healthy immune function and body detoxification.  Invigorating directional strokes with a natural bristle sterile brush also slim & tone your body  & reduce cellulite.

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