Child Daycare

Child Daycare

Banteay Srey Project employs and trains 15 to 20 women, many of whom are mothers. By far the greatest anxiety for the Project’s trainees is the difficulty of childcare. Are their children safe? Are they being looked after? Are they being fed during the day? Are their caregivers loving?

These young mothers know what it is like to grow up in circumstances of abuse and hunger, and they are desperate not to repeat the cycle.

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To give the children of Banteay Srey a better future and to make it possible for their mothers to continue working and learning, the Banteay Srey Project is opening a Childcare Centre in partnership with trainee mothers to insure their children receive quality care, nutritious food and positive educational activities and play.

Mothers will participate by assisting in supervising all the children at the centre on a rotating schedule. Their ongoing involvement will keep them close to their children as well as give them an opportunity to learn good child development practices including effective compassionate parenting systems.

This is where you can help these women help themselves. Donations and onsite volunteers are needed to implement a daycare designed by the women at Banteay Srey. It will ensure children receive quality care, nutritious food and stimulating educational activities and play. Not only does this reduce stress both mothers and children, but it will build healthier futures.

Early in 2017, the Project is:

  • Making simple improvements and adding a playground to a nearby building which has been rented for Childcare.
  • Hiring a full time caregiver.
  • Recruiting overseas volunteers to work at the daycare, teaching English and educational play activities.

Banteay Srey’s social enterprises financially support most of its projects. There is not, however, enough income to support this much needed Childcare project.

We need your help. You can apply as a volunteer, or give financial support.

Contributions can be made via PayPal, or

If you make a donation of behalf of another, please add their name and email to the special instructions on PayPal, and we’ll acknowledge your generosity with an email to them.