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Indulge yourself at our beautiful riverside Spa


All women are invited to relax and pamper themselves in a peaceful, restorative environment: the Banteay Srey Women’s Spa. The spa offers skilled massage, traditional Khmer herbal treatments and a wide variety of other spa services.

Guests are invited to spend the day with us: indulging themselves with our spa services, connecting with other women, swimming and sunbathing on our private river deck. An on-site yoga studio offers classes on a large river view balcony. Guests can also enjoy delectable fresh fruit juices, teas and vegan Khmer cuisine from the Deva cafe menu.

Our guests can spoil themselves knowing that all spa proceeds are used for the empowerment of young Cambodian women coming from difficult circumstances.

Treat your body to one of our twice daily yoga classes


Our yoga studio is unique: with a traditional thatched roof to keep away the torrential rainy season storms, it is also open on three sides so students really get the feeling of practicing out in nature. You can admire the river and beautiful, tropical gardens from your yoga mat, and occasionally one of our lazy cats may try and share a mat with you!

Yoga is an important part of Banteay Srey. As part of a spa that supports women’s wellness, yoga supports physical and mental health. Yoga teachers at the studio are all volunteers, and so the money raised by the public classes helps support the Project. Yoga is also offered daily to Banteay Srey trainees to help them build strength and presence for spa and massage work. Yoga also provides them with tools to manage emotions and stress to help them lead healthier and happier lives.

Feed your body and soul at our delicious vegan cafè


Kampot’s Unique Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar:

Juices & smoothies, coffee, wine, coconuts. Vegan Khmer cuisine,  breakfast and desserts.

Open daily 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

(except Tuesday)

at Banteay Srey WOMEN’S SPA and also at our roadside café where all are welcome.

All drinks and food are freshly made to order and many ingredients are picked daily from the Spa’s own organic garden.


About the project

Banteay Srey Project is dedicated to providing Cambodian women with ongoing training and advancement, fulfilling work and fair wages in a safe and nurturing environment. The trainees, who are mostly from impoverished villages, have the opportunity to develop a wide range of marketable skills whilst also working and earning a good wage in a caring environment.


Volunteers are crucial to the Project and we strive to provide a very rewarding volunteer experience where your own unique skills will be used to the utmost.

Volunteer Opportunities

Certified Yoga Teachers are needed for Banteay Project and Yoga Studio. Yoga Teachers will also be given the opportunity to support the project with any other skills they bring with them. We are happy to host first time yoga teachers. Preference is given to teachers who possess other needed skills. We look for a minimum commitment of two months from all Yoga Teachers and expect a contribution of 6 hours per day, 5 days per week.



Direct Support of Vulnerable Young Women

Your generous donation goes a long way in Cambodia: the monthly operating budget of the Banteay Srey Project is only $1,000 . Because the Project has no administrative overheads you are assured that 100% of your donation goes directly to training for Khmer women and advancing the Project’s mission.



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